Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge & Tunnel Study

The Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge is deteriorating and is in need of major improvements. The City’s Transportation Services Division has undertaken a study to identify options to address the deteriorating condition of the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge spanning Rosedale Valley Road, and the adjoining pedestrian tunnel that connects to the north and south sides of…


SRRA Board Motion re: Dale Development Proposal

Whereas in November 2016, the SRRA Board unanimously approved a Statement of Principles on the proposed development at 5-9 Dale Ave. calling for “a robust consultation process over the next year,” and undertook “to communicate on a clear and timely basis with the South Rosedale community regarding these matters through postings on its website, email…


November 19 Community Workshop on Rail Safety

Safe Rail Communities will be holding  A Community Workshop: Rail Safety & Emergency Preparedness  on November 19  from 1 to 5 PM. The goal of the event is to allow participants to collaboratively discuss the resources that are needed for the safety of their neighbourhood.


Glen Road footbridge

The City has completed the first stage of consultations on the Glen Road footbridge, and the project team has recommended replacing the bridge in its current location as the preferred solution. A strong majority of residents in Rosedale and beyond voiced support for retaining or replacing the bridge. Among the issues being considered in the…


Proposed Development at 5, 7, 9 Dale Avenue

A developer is proposing to construct a residential condominium building on the three properties at 5, 7 and 9 Dale Avenue, on the south side of Dale Avenue, east of the Glen Road Footbridge. The proposed development consists of a 4-storey building with a rooftop mechanical level, and 26 residential units with a floor area…