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It will be rainy on Saturday but we will push ahead for those who come BUT we are going to do it again on Sunday 10:30-1:30 both days.
Come dressed for the weather.

The Annual City-wide clean-up is on Saturday April 22nd from 10:30 – 1:30!

The South Rosedale Resident’s Association is gearing up and we will all be meeting at Craig Leigh Gardens at that time.

We will supply gloves and garbage bags.

For students – count this as Community hours and we will give you a certificate of participation.

Our objectives:

– Craig Leigh Garden and the Ravine walk – Group A

– Behind Castle Frank Subway into the Rosedale Valley Ravine – Group B

– Pricefield Park / area around Rosedale Junior School – Group C


Any questions – call Umesh 416-705-3757 or go to the SRRA Website at

(if there is weather problem – it will be posted on the website and alternative day will be planned)