Safety and Security

Safe and Security

The SRRA Board of Directors continues to work with Toronto Police Services to implement more effective protection of residents and their property. As an example, the board has prompted increased police presence at and surveillance of the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge and ongoing efforts to make the Bridge safer for use by residents. The board enables communication between Police Services and residents through this website, the SRRA newsletter and participation in the community police liaison organization.

Community Bulletin, February 2012

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Fall, 2011


Changes have taken place in the top offices of 53 Division of Police Services, the division responsible for South Rosedale policing within South Rosedale.  After 43 years on the force, Staff Inspector Larry Sinclair, the Division Unit Commander, has retired.  Also stepping down is Inspector Bruce Johnston.  Heinz Kuck will replace Inspector Sinclair as Unit Commander.  The second in charge is now Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins.


With the new school year well under way and daylight slowly diminishing, greater care should be taken negotiating the roads in South Rosedale. 


While out in your yard this Fall, lock the doors and windows of your residence, as a precaution against criminals on the prowl for break and enter opportunities.     


If you plan to be absent from your home for vacation or other travel this Fall, consider making arrangements for daily perimeter checks and retrieval of junk mail and trash, in addition to the weekly yard maintenance and postponement of newspaper and mail delivery.  Let your neighbours know that you will be away.


Toronto Police Services offers a notification program, TPS Links, by which relevant information is made available to the public.  Users of the program are alerted about emergencies, missing persons, safety issues, road closures and community events.  For more particulars and to register for the program, please access the Toronto Police Services website at and click on the TPSlinks icon.  Hardcopy registration forms are available at 53 Division offices on Eglinton Avenue at Duplex.


Jon Venutti,

SRRA Director