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The SRRA works hard to protect and enhance South Rosedale as a great place to live. Through actions large and small, we protect the heritage character of our neighbourhood, enhance our parks and ravines, manage traffic, parking and security issues, and do much more.

With significant recent development activity such as the proposed Dale Avenue condominium and Scrivener Square, the SRRA is needed more than ever to represent our community. To do this effectively, we need your membership. Please join or renew today.

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A Note on the Membership Dues

Like any individual and organization, the SRRA faces ever-rising costs at a time of unprecedented activity. These costs arise from the many services we provide to the South Rosedale community: protecting our neighbourhood’s heritage character; preserving and enhancing our tree canopy and ravines; managing traffic, parking and security issues; and on many other matters important to maintaining a high quality of life in your community.

Recently, we have faced significant additional cost pressures in relation to two major development proposals in South Rosedale: at Scrivener Square and on Dale Avenue. The costs borne are a necessary part of representing the community’s interests effectively.

It has been many years since the SRRA last increased its dues. The Board therefore decided to increase the annual membership fee to $100, from $75 previously.