Community Outreach


Community Outreach

The SRRA is involved in a number of community outreach initiatives that involve neighbouring ratepayers’ or residents’ associations.  A few examples of such initiatives in which the SRRA has a significant, but not the lead, role include:

  • Bloor Street between Sherbourne and Parliament redevelopment.
  • Rosedale TTC park redevelopment.
  • Don Valley Transportation Master Plan.



To Members of the Board of Directors.

The SRRA’s position regarding the Lanterra Development has been clear and consistent and has been repeated on numerous occasions to Councillor Wong-Tam. Our understanding has been that the Councillor shares the SRRA’s concerns.

The Lanterra Development is excessive and fails to respect proper planning principles. The process of so-called community consultation has in reality been the opposite of that. Although purporting to seek the community’s views and consider their concerns, lip service has been paid to any legitimate issues raised. The process has also been flawed by entirely inappropriate political interference, the most egregious example of which was outlined in our correspondence regarding the last minute Report amendment to City Council in July, 2012.

This Project has been and remains a great concern to the SRRA and its constituents and in that regard, we have scheduled a joint Public Meeting for October 2, 2013 at St. Siimon’s Church 7PM
David Townley
President SRRA

SRRA's Position Paper on North St. James Town

SRRA’s Position Paper on North St. James Town

The proposed Howard Street Development encompasses four (4) towers – being Tower # 1 and Towers 3 A, 3B & 3C. While the plans for this development have not been finalized, we expect them to be submitted shortly, possibly early Fall’13. At the moment, proposed heights are as follows: Tower # 1- 45 storeys, # 3A – 42+ storeys, # 3B – 35+ storeys and # 3C – 15/20 storeys.

Additionally, a 50+ storey tower (Tower # 4) is proposed for the Selby Hotel site and a 40+ storey tower (Tower # 2) is proposed on Bloor, just west of Sherbourne.

As you can appreciate, these developments will have a staggering impact on South Rosedale – they won’t integrate with our historical neighbourhood, they will dominate it.

While we are in the midst of working with groups south of Bloor to co-ordinate our efforts at City Hall, it is long arduous work. In any case, we expect to call community meetings shortly to discuss these pending developments and to present a response to these overwhelming developments.
We will need huge neighbourhood support and trust that we can count on you and your neighbours to assist with reminding City Hall that these developments are not acceptable.
The drawing is here:

Download (PDF)

People Plan Toronto

A Great Planning and Development Information Resource

For SRRA members interested in planning and development – how it does and doesn’t get done – a great resource is available at The website contains a wealth of information as well as blogs and a Facebook page where you can exchange ideas and comments on these processes.

Although some contributions are pragmatic and even technical, most never stray far from the recognition that planning is a political activity, and thus must be interwoven with the democratic political process.

So, take a look!