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No More Noise Toronto

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The South Rosedale Residents’ Association in association with FoNTRA (Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations) would like to invite you to share your concerns by participating in the NO More Noise Toronto (NMNT) campaign.

This is your opportunity to express your experiences with excessive noise in our community; resulting from human made noise activities – leaf blowers, car and motorcycle engines (especially from illegal racing), construction, police and fire dept sirens etc.

Below, please find an easy-to-follow action page where you can register your concerns.

March Noise Actions

Noise is defined as unwanted and / or harmful sound*

We CAN reduce the unnecessary ones

*American Public Health Assn (APHA): Noise is a Public Health Hazard

You have 3 opportunities to help create a #NoMoreNoiseToronto.
Click the links below to check out our sample emails!

1. Toronto Public Health is conducting a survey for public feedback
on what should be their strategic priorities for the next 4 years.
Send an email until midnight March 17th

2. Motor vehicle and motorcycle decibel testing levels
will be discussed at City Council meetings from March 20 to 23.
Send an email by March 20th

3. Speak up regarding 311!
The Service Excellence Committee meets on this item:
Complaints and Compliments – Process Enhancements  (Ward All)
Register to speak or send your own personal email by March 19th
Background and key points here


Other Ways to Get Involved

Participate in a NMNT guided TPH Community Consultation:
Join us for a NMNT Meet – Up to learn more about how noise impacts your health
and provide feedback to TPH through a group discussion.
Saturday March 16th from 12:30 to 1:30. Register here

Bookmark noon on April 2! NMNT will host a webinar with Gary Yorke, Exec Dir of CXD (311) on Noise Reporting: Challenges and Solutions (event will be posted here)

Tune in with Noise News

This is supported by the Resident’s Associations of FoNTRA (Federation of North Toronto Resident’s Association and FoSTRA (Federation of South Toronto Residence Associations)