Political Issues

Political Issues

June 2011

Bike Paths Connecting South Rosedale

In 2009, the City of Toronto commissioned a survey asking City residents if they wanted separated bicycle lanes on roads. 66% of all respondents most of whom would be motorists wanted separated bicycle lanes and 77% of commuting cyclists wanted bicycle lanes separated from traffic.

In cities such as New York and Amsterdam separated bike lanes have been implemented, resulting in a dramatic reduction in injuries for both cyclists and pedestrians. Usage of bicycles also increases dramatically because of the safety afforded by the separated bike lanes.

Chair Denzil Minnan Wong and Members of the Public Works and infrastructure Committee are proposing a North – South route up/down Sherbourne Street from Elm Avenue in Rosedale to Queens Quay. This route will also interconnect to seperated bike lanes running along Wellesley, Beverley and John streets to an East-West path on Richmond Street.

Councillor Wong Tam supports “separated bike lanes in principle”, however she will “consider all road improvements in their totality and not in isolation.”

At this point, there is no plan by the city to extend bike lanes north through Rosedale.

A Message from Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam

Dear Businesses, Friends, and Residents,

It has been a continued pleasure meeting residents and business operators in our communities since the last issue of Ward 27 News.

Thank you to all the participants in our Church and Wellesley Safety Walk! On a single Sunday afternoon, we explored many back alleys, parks and laneways in the area and we were able to identify public spaces that needed improved maintenance to ensure that our neighbourhoods remain safe and attractive for everyone. Watch for an upcoming report on the outcome.

Thank you as well to the Rosedale Main Street BIA for their support of pedestrianizing the “split intersection” at Yonge and Roxborough. In addition, construction will begin this summer to replace the children’s playground at Rosedale Park. Congratulations again to the North Rosedale Ratepayers’ Association for its impressive fundraising initiative.

Yonge Street officially re-opened at Gould Street with a terrific skating party hosted by our friends at Ryerson University and sponsored by Salad King, now re-opened for business at 340 Yonge Street. I was thrilled to see so many people enjoying the pedestrian space on car-free Gould Street.

The eventual warm weather will enable us to install the necessary equipment to study the traffic impact at Davenport and Belmont; to determine whether or not to re-introduce the left-turn. Numerous residents and neighbourhood associations have expressed strong support to repeal the left-turn prohibition. I have asked traffic planning staff to complete the report for Community Council consideration in April.

Last week, The Economist ranked Toronto as the 4th most liveable city in the world. While we can always improve life in our city, it’s sometimes worth recognizing that we already live in a great city, thanks to generations of city-builders before us.


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