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Avenue Road Bike Lane Proposal

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Avenue Road is about to be narrowed by 33% in both directions. More dedicated bike lanes are proposed on Avenue Road between St. Clair Avenue and Bloor Street.

Please take time to review the study and complete the online survey to ensure your opinion is documented in the consultation process.


Public Consultation Survey

Survey closes: November 2, 2023

This survey will ask your opinions about the proposed near-term actions and long-term vision to improve safety along Avenue Road from Bloor Street to St. Clair Avenue West.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please review the materials at before submitting your responses.

This is not a vote. Public opinion, along with technical and policy considerations, will be used to inform staff recommendations and decisions made by City Council.


If you have any questions or difficulties completing this survey, please contact: 

Katelynn Northam 
Senior Coordinator, Public Consultation Unit 
City of Toronto 
[email protected]  


Avenue Road Study

The proposed changes will be rolled out in early 2024 and can be reviewed by clicking the link below:


Please send this to your family and friends to have your say about creating more dedicated bike lanes on another major arterial street.