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Public consultation: Sleep Country & Starbucks development proposals – Tuesday, Dec. 6 @ 6pm

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Public Consultation: Development Proposals for Sleep Country and Starbucks Sites

A City public consultation will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 6pm to discuss two re-development applications:

Site A: Sleep Country – 1087-1091 Yonge Street at Price Street
Site B: Starbucks – 1080-1088 Yonge Street at Roxborough Street West


This is a virtual (online) meeting.

Register to attend: click here.


The applications are among several active proposals to build high-rise condominium and mixed use buildings on both sides of the Rosedale/Summerhill stretch of Yonge Street, including 1212-1220 Yonge Street (info here), 1366 Yonge Street (info here), and 1140 Yonge Street (info here).