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Survey – Rosedale Hub

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The SRRA would like to share an opportunity to help inform local community programming at Rosedale United Church.

We are Rev. Dr. Kristin Philipson, Minister for Worship and Spiritual Care and Rev. Ruth Noble, Minister for Community Engagement at Rosedale United Church.

Rosedale United Church is transforming its building into a neighbourhood hub (while continuing to exist as a congregation). Your feedback as a resident of South Rosedale will help us determine the kinds of programming the Hub might offer.

Can I ask you to respond to the following survey? It takes just three minutes to complete and the data you provide is very useful to us. Here it is:

Building the Rosedale Hub:

Thank you so much!


Rev. Dr. Kristin Philipson (she/her)
Minister, Worship and Spiritual Care
Rosedale United Church