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City-Wide Residential Permit Parking Under Consideration

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Toronto and East York Community Council is actively considering a proposal to expand residential on-street permit parking City-wide. This could include all South Rosedale residential streets, most of which currently do not have permit parking.

In previous communications, the City has explained its reasons for the proposed changes as follows:

The objectives of the Overnight On-Street Permit Parking Program include:

  • Organizing use of the curb space
  • Promoting safe and efficient traffic flow
  • Supporting City operations (like waste collection and snow clearing)
  • Minimizing abuse of this public asset

By default, every City street has a maximum 3 hour limit for overnight parking, unless posted otherwise. Parking permits allow residents to legally park overnight on a permitted street or on streets within a designated area. A valid permit also exempts vehicles from daytime maximum parking durations.

Parking permits are beneficial for residents who do not have on-site parking or access to on-site parking, e.g. no driveway or garage; driveway too narrow for vehicle.

A 2018 survey conducted by the City found that approximately 55 percent of all respondents supported expanding permit parking. Support was reported as highest for respondents who live on a street where permit parking is already present, citing parking availability and convenience to their homes. The survey also found that “respondents were more likely to disagree with the proposal if they lived on a street without permit parking or have sufficient on-site parking. These respondents generally indicated increased ticketing and having to pay for a permit as drawbacks.”

A decision on the matter was deferred by Community Council to its June 25 meeting to permit Councillors to consult with local residents and resident groups.

Make Your Views Known

The SRRA urges you to make your views known on City-wide permit parking. Click here to access a City surveyThe submission deadline for the survey is May 24, 2019.

The SRRA would also like to hear from you directly. Do you support the proposal for permit parking on all Rosedale and Toronto residential streets? Would you prefer no change from the status quo on your street, or another solution? Please share your opinion by email, to [email protected].

More information on the proposal can be found here: