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Special TEYCC Meeting Re: Speed Limits on Local Roads

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Dear Resident,

Many of you have expressed concerns regarding issues of traffic safety on local roads. Councillor Wong-Tam would like to thank you for bringing this issue forward and encourage you to continue lending your voice to this debate.

On June 22, Councillor Wong-Tam and other downtown councillors will convene a special meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council to consider a staff report on reducing the speed limit on all local roads in the District to 30km/h. The meeting will be held in the evening, starting at 6pm in the Council Chamber at City Hall. We encourage residents to attend and share their views with Community Council.

We also encourage all of you to write to Community Council or to attend and share your views on this item – for more information on sending a letter or registering to depute, please visit the City’s website:
Thank You!

Tina Sriskandarajah, on behalf of,
Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
Chair, Disability Issues Committee
Vice-Chair, Toronto and East York Community Council
Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Toronto City Hall