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SRRA Board Motion re: Dale Development Proposal

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Whereas in November 2016, the SRRA Board unanimously approved a Statement of Principles on the proposed development at 5-9 Dale Ave. calling for “a robust consultation process over the next year,” and undertook “to communicate on a clear and timely basis with the South Rosedale community regarding these matters through postings on its website, email blasts, periodic newsletters and other communications as may be warranted”;

And whereas a five-member subcommittee of the Board along with two members of MyRosedaleNeighbourhood engaged in privileged and confidential discussions with the developers over the past several months, and (by necessity) has not communicated or consulted with the broader community during that time;

And whereas the Board will be receiving a report of the subcommittee which will report on the negotiations with the developer with respect to the proposed development;

And whereas the Board wishes to consult with the community with regard to the subcommittee’s report and related matters involving the development proposal;

And whereas a broad consultation of SRRA members is otherwise warranted before any Board decision is made on such a major and unprecedented development in the heart of South Rosedale;

It is moved that:

(i) Information on the developers’ revised application and other relevant, related information be circulated to community members as expeditiously as possible;

(ii) A meeting be held as expeditiously as possible to gather members’ input on the revised application, with the timing and form of the consultation to be determined by the SRRA board;

(iii) Further community input be invited by email or post; and

(iv) The steps above be undertaken prior to an SRRA Board vote on the Subcommittee’s report.

Dated: Sept. 20, 2017

To view the developer’s revised proposal, please click  here.