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Townhall: Teen Safety, Social Media And Parties – Risks & Responses

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Our local Residence Associations have banded forces with 54 Division to present a panel of experts to discuss Teen Safety, Social Media, parties and the risk and responses.

We have been very fortunate to confirm the following panel of experts to provide all of us with the opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions surrounding our kids, social media and safety:
– Speaker: Staff Sergeant James Hogan, 53 Division CRU (Community Response Unit)
– Speaker: Dr. Michael Leatch – Managing Partner, MJL Consulting – Psychologist, Educator
– Speaker: Ms. Jessica Green – Director, Cursive – Communications & Social Media Expert
– Speaker: Mr. Pete Bombaci – Founder, The Generator Project, Business Coach & Speaker – Moderator


  • WHEN:   October 24, 2017 – 7PM – 8:30PM
  • WHERE:   Rosedale United, –  159 Roxborough Drive, Toronto
  • WHO:  Parent, Grandparents, teens, educators or any concerned citizen

Please join us for the discussion. We look forward to listening and sharing of information on this very important topic affecting our families and communities.

Thank you from North Rosedale Resident’s Association (NRRA), South Rosedale Resident’s Association (SRRA), Moore Park Central Resident’s Association (CRRA) and the Governor’s Bridge Resident’s Association (GBRA) working together for the collective safety of our communities.