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Restoration to Begin on Craigleigh Gardens Gates

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When will restoration work begin?

Major work to restore the main entrance Gates to Craigleigh Gardens will start the week of August 18, 2019.


Why is the restoration necessary?

Two recent studies by heritage architects have concluded that the time has come to repair and restore all the stone, brick and metalwork of the Gates, originally constructed in 1904, to preserve and revitalize these beautiful heritage landmarks of South Rosedale.

In 1926, Craigleigh Gardens and the entrance Gates became an asset of the City of Toronto, a gift presented to the people of Toronto from the children of Sir Edmund Osler and his wife, Ann Farquharson. In 2017, after discussions between the South Rosedale Residents’ Association and our former City Councillor, Kristyn Wong Tam, public funding was provided to the Parks Department to start the necessary restoration.

The Parks Department decided as a priority to restore the main entrance Gates and one  section of the brick wall and metalwork on each side of the Gates.


What does this mean for access to Craigleigh Gardens?

The entrance Gates facing South Drive will be closed and fenced off for the duration of the work.

Access from South Drive to Craigleigh Gardens will be limited. It will be possible to enter the Gardens by walking through a grass opening to the north (left) of the Gates. This temporary route will not be paved and may be challenging for people with mobility issues.

As much as possible, park users are encouraged to use the east access brick path to the Gardens located off Castle Frank Road at the north end of Hawthorn Avenue. Please keep in mind that parking near the east entrance is very limited.


What does this mean for dogs?

The water fountain just behind the Gates inside Craigleigh Gardens will still be accessible and operational during the restoration. Owing to the limited access, waste collection will not be able to reach containers near the Gates. As a result, the containers will be relocated away from the fountain.


Who is doing the work?

Restoration experts from Heritage Construction are conducting the work under contract with the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department.



For further information, please contact Krista Carroll, Senior Project Coordinator, City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department, at (647) 463-5555.